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Psyft: Psychometric Assessments | Employee Engagement | 360 Degree Feedback | Training Needs Assessm

Psyft is an online Psychometric Assessment & Survey suite, powered by GreenThumbs; looking after all psychological assessment needs of a professional or an organization. Psyft brings to you a wide array of assessment & survey tools - from behavioral profiling to cognitive exercises to leadership potential mapping, to employee oriented surveys, etc. All tools & solutions have been tested & validated by professional psychologists and industry experts. The best part is that these are fake resistant assessments i.e the algorithm used is such that it makes it almost impossible to fake. Psyft Team Specializes in: Psychometric Assessments/Personality Tests 360 Degree Feedback Surveys Employee Engagement Surveys Assessment Based Interventions Training Needs Assessment Be it making the right talent decisions, employee training & development, enhancing team productivity, conducting multi rater feedback surveys, sustaining employee engagement, etc. you can count on us.