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The Human Marvels

Oct 8, 2016 |
Informational website that features stories about people in the past and present that have special abilities or unconventional appearances. As the website states, it's a place where these people are ... Read more

Today's Assisted Living

Oct 8, 2016 |
Elderly people who prefer assisted living can enter the website and enjoy the safety, independence and privacy of an assisted living lifestyle. ... Read more


Oct 8, 2016 |
Part of the TED website, this section offers informational articles and primarily videos on all sorts of interesting facts about humans, nature and the universe itself. ... Read more

Personality Perfect EP

Oct 8, 2016 |
Free personality test. Aiming to help people improve their lives based on their personalities. When a person learns about his or her individual personality type, they can gain a real understanding ... Read more

Miniature Earth

Oct 8, 2016 |
Statistical website that analyzes a hypothetical situation where the world would be reduced to a total population of 100. Given this situation, it presents how many people would adhere to what ... Read more

Charity Navigator

Oct 8, 2016 |
Website dedicated to all sorts of charities, from animals, environment, health, international, public benefit, religion and education. Users can search based on a category or through the A-Z Directory ... Read more


Oct 8, 2016 |
Website provides biographies of public figures and celebrities. Most bios have a video attached to them, created by Bio. Aside from that, their most notable works, appearances and other interesting ... Read more


Oct 8, 2016 |
Expert guidance from real people searching the Internet for the information, goods, and services that you need to know related to your passion. ... Read more

About Famous People

Oct 8, 2016 |
Articles and bios of various famous people. Categories include: Famous and Fascinating Women in History, The World's Greatest Composers, Famous Figures in Black History, etc. There's also a section ... Read more


Oct 8, 2016 |
Resource of bibliographies, biographies and info on noteworthy people from around the world. Features information on actors, writers, journalists, musicians and public figures. A Mapper is accessible, ... Read more

Social Sciences Conferences

Sep 5, 2017 |
We are organizing an 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies, which will be held during June 18-19, 2018 in Rome, Italy is extending limited number of speaking ... Read more

How To Stay Positive In Life-manifestation

Nov 25, 2017 |
This simple technique can help you to achieve everything you want in your life. Almost every door of success started to open for people by following this technique. For the first time in the life of ... Read more

Fathers Day Quotes

Aug 6, 2018 |
Fathers Day Australia is one special day wherein they show their love and respect to their fathers which may include stepfathers,fathers in laws,guardians and other family friends.Fathers Day in most ... Read more

Alisha Dixit - Genuine Independent Mumbai Escorts

Nov 15, 2018 |
Hey gentelmen I am Independent Models Model 21 years of age Hot and Bold young lady in Mumbai, If you are searching for the most sizzling escort women in Mumbai, you are at the opportune place! I have ... Read more